Balgopal to young students and adults by combining the spiritual knowledge and scientific knowledge of the science age in modern times

Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaye! As per this saying, this organization has taken up the work of taking from ignorance to knowledge and from ignorance to Sanskar (culture) to conservation.

In 2018, by establishing an organization and establishing Varkari Gurukul, by providing training in saint literature and saint thought, by propagating Indian culture and Varkari sect, by accompanying Shaliye education and spiritual education, by organizing children's sanskar camps for the protection of Indian culture, morals and ethical values, by creating Sanskar Vasti Griha and towards good culture. Encouraging the people through village-to-village cultural programs through school To create awareness and patriotism by organizing kirtan sermons

We work to impart spiritual knowledge and artistic knowledge to the children through school education especially through the Varkari hostel, which is a special residential arrangement (hostel) for the orphans of Shaheed soldiers and also for the poor children.

Runs residential homes for economically weak and orphaned widows and divorced women and children.

Along with school education, the organization provides spiritual education and Vedic scientific education.

The work of providing health care for the health of children is done through the organization.

The organization looks after the accommodation and food arrangements for the children

Along with child rearing and school education, the organization does the work of spiritual education

The organization provides guidance to children for social awareness and tree planting